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The Ugly Truth

In 2013 my physician suggested that I see a therapist. I did not do this. I didn’t see how expressing everything that bothered me to a complete stranger would fix any of my problems; because it wouldn’t. The truth is that I’m sick. The thoughts that haunt me aren’t something that simply talking about can ever fix. These thoughts aren’t something that medication can hide; I know because I’ve tried. So instead I turn to writing…and you; the reader of this blog. 

I hate myself. Not like those girls who squeal about hating their hair, face, clothes…whatever. I honestly hate myself. It goes beyond physicality. I wish I was a completely different person. I wish I was a different person living a different life a different way. This is the first time I’ve ever confessed this to anyone…not even my fiance knows that I feel this way…until now. This is the worst feeling a person can ever possibly experience. Let’s face it: we don’t live in fairy tales. There are no fairy God mothers or genies to ease our pain or change our lives. And while we can change our physical appearance, status in society, and the level of comfort in which we live, we cannot change the way our minds behave. I can’t anyway. For years I’ve battled with being content with myself, but I’ve never been able to achieve it. Even when these ghosts are quiet, the smallest thing can set them a blaze. For example, seeing a peer from elementary school that I had idolized. 

Sometimes instead of wishing to be a different person, I wish I had made different life choices. Made different friends. Had been more active in school activities.  Been better at sports. Basically had done everything in the complete opposite way than I had. Maybe if I had stayed within the popular circles instead of settling in where I thought I belonged…with the below average, the trouble makers. I grew up poor so I assumed I could never “belong” to a higher crowd. That I wasn’t worthy of them. I know now that it’s not true. I was well liked in school. I pretty much created my demise. I dropped out of any clubs and sports team I joined because I never felt like I was good enough and I was just dragging every one else down. Where did those thoughts even come from? I never had any one telling me I wasn’t good enough or smart enough or pretty enough. I told MYSELF these things. This is what sick minds do. 

The reality is I can’t change who I am and I can’t become a different person. Even if time travel did exist and I was able to go back, I wouldn’t know what I know now so I’d most likely make the same choices all over again. So either way I’d probably be exactly where I am now. Once in a while I’ll try to convince myself that everything happens for a reason and if I hadn’t made certain choices in my past I wouldn’t be where I am now. The problem is that I’m not happy where I am now. To me it’s a lose-lose situation. I have no reason to not want the life I have or to feel the way I do about myself…but it’s still there. Every day it’s there. 

So what’s the solution? What’s the answer? How do I move on from this. I can’t. This is a struggle I will always battle. Darkness is a powerful thing. It can drown out even the brightest light if it so desires. I live in darkness. Sometimes there are stars that light my way, but even they aren’t as strong as I’d like. Sometimes I’m afraid of myself and wonder how I can live out the rest of my life with these issues…with this sickness. But…what other choice do I have?


The Ugly

Today was one of those ugly days. The days when you just can’t bear to look at yourself in the mirror. The days when you spend hours trying to re-evaluate your routine and what you can possibly do to make yourself look better.

Today I hated my hair, my skin, and as always, my body. What set me off? A photo my girlfriend took of me sitting on our couch. Stupid, right? Should have been, but as I looked at the weird face I was making because of the unexpected shot and the ridiculous knot of my hair I thought, “I am not an attractive person.” Yes, I post selfies on Facebook and Instagram, but I found myself thinking that my pictures only looked decent because I’ve mastered flattering poses. I’ve learned the trick of looking attractive. I don’t look the same in person as I do in pictures. But does anyone? Who knows. That thought wasn’t on my mind today as I spend hours in self loathing and looking at photos of girls I wish I looked like.

When I have a low day everything affects me at one time. It doesn’t matter what the trigger was. It’s impossible for me to focus on fixing one imperfection at a time. I start falling into this spiral of doom; the “shoulda, coulda, woulda” tornado of torment. It’s not healthy and I know this. Still, I frequently find myself in that place.

There isn’t any easy solution to beating these kind of days. But I still try. I tell myself that it’s impossible to change the past or to completely change your life or to wake up in someone else’s life. I tell myself that without all of the “bad” choices I’ve made, I wouldn’t have acquired the blessings I’ve found. I’ve found acceptance for the most part. You can’t please everyone I’ve stopped trying long ago. I’ve found someone who loves me exactly as I am, scars and all. I have two amazing daughters. I have successful fitness classes. I have friends who would literally do anything to make me smile.

Sometimes the bad just overpowers the good. Sometimes I just have to succumb to it.